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Storage Tips

Storage Tips

Things That Don’t Go In Storage

Things That Don’t Go In Storage

Self storage is the easiest and most secure way to store your items when you don’t need them. The protection of a secure storage unit can put your mind at rest that your things are safe and will be in great condition when you need to pick them up. Self storage, however, cannot accommodate every kind of item. Here are some things that you should never try to keep in a self storage unit.

Food and Perishables: One of the most common items that people overlook when they’re getting their items ready for storage, especially when packing away a kitchen. It’s easy to forget to check for perishables, but it’s really important to do so. Food items that are left in boxes or laying around your storage unit could attract pests, or can mould which can damage the rest of your belongings.
Medicine: Medicines are very important, often essential, however, they shouldn’t go in a storage unit! There are plenty of good reasons or this. The main reason that you shouldn’t store medication in a storage unit is that medicines can go out of date, and keeping any vital medicine in a place that it is likely to go out of date could cause you or someone else harm. If the medication is unmarked it could even possibly be mistaken for an illegal item, which could turn into a headache for you!
Hazardous Items and Firearms: Hazardous items should never find their way into a self storage unit. Not only do they put your items at risk, they also put the safety of everyone else at the facility at risk. Any items considered hazardous are strictly prohibited. This includes; explosives, propane tanks, gasoline, oil, acids, corrosive materials, and a number of other items. If you have any doubts about the suitability of what you intend to store you can contact us to talk about your item. Firearms of any type are not allowed in our storage facility. If you have a firearm you wish to store it’s best to check with your local shooting range.
People, Pets, and Plants: No matter how quiet, clean, or tidy you might be, it’s a terrible idea to try to stay in a storage unit, it’s also illegal! Anyone caught trying to sleep in a storage unit will be immediately evicted. The same applies for pets - a storage unit is not a safe environment to leave an animal and anyone found violating this policy will be immediately evicted. Finally, plants. Plants are definitely not suitable for Self Storage. This is because plants tend to need light and water to survive, storage units don’t tend to provide that. If you store a plant that then dies it will rot and could damage your belongings.
Items that are not dry: When you’re packing your belongings into storage it’s a really good idea to check, and double check that they are completely dry. The reason for this is that you’re going to be leaving your things for a while, and anything that’s a little damp presents a mould risk to your belongings. Mould can cause big problems when it’s left unchecked, so to be safe it’s best to bring a towel with you and dry off anything that could be a little damp or wet.

If you have any questions or concerns about any item that you would like to store with us you can contact us to talk to one of our storage experts. At Riel Park we have storage units of all sizes to suit any storage need. Reserve your unit today.


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