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Stage A House That Sells - DIY Style

Living Room with tan couch and lots of windows.

Staging your home is a method of highlighting your home's best features to ensure it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible.  It doesn't require spending a lot of money - just making good choices.  If you need to declutter to better stage your home, consider renting storage in St Albert to help with this task.

The goal is to make the home stand out in both pictures and in viewings so buyers walk away wanting to live there.  In most real estate markets in Canada, home staging is a big part of the selling process - and doing it well can put your property ahead of the rest.  When there isn't room in the budget to hire a professional, these staging tricks will help you stage your home, DIY style.


The first thing a buyer is going to see when they walk up to your house is the front entrance, so make a strong positive impression.  Remove any sort of seasonal decorations or dead plants.  If you have a front deck, consider power washing it, or at least scrubbing off any dirt.  Then add a touch of hominess with a simple doormat and perhaps a potted plant or two.  Keep the space simple but welcoming.


Staging is all about playing up your home's strengths, and minimizing its weaknesses.  A clean, empty-as-possible house looks bigger and also lightens the moving load.  When a prospective buyer can't see the beautiful wooden or tiled floors, or can't walk into the walk-in closet because of clutter, there's a problem. 

Editing down everything from clothes to furniture is the most important step in staging.  Renting a self storage unit provides you with the extra space you need to declutter your home.


Buyers typically like to see bright rooms, so lighting is an essential part of staging a house.  Open your blinds or pull your curtains back before a showing.  Hide an unattractive view with sheer window coverings that still allow in light.  Add lamps in any dark areas.  Quickly update outdated lamps with clean white drum shades.  Different types of lighting can be used to accentuate features of your home; ambient (overhead), accent (table or wall sconce), and task (under-cabinet or pendant) used effectively can create a welcoming mood.


Put large and unnecessary furniture in a self storage unit to get it out of the way.  Once you've settled on the furniture that will occupy the staged home, position couches, chairs, and tables away from your walls and group them so there is ample space to walk between each piece.  Anchor the space with an area rug, even if the room has wall to wall carpet.  This creates a cozy, intimate space, where conversation can happen and traffic flow is clear, making a room feel more spacious and inviting.


Display eye-catching artwork at unexpected levels and in unusual groupings.  This not only makes each piece stand out, but also showcases the space by drawing the eye to different areas that you wish potential buyers to notice.  It is also very important to depersonalize the space and take down any family photos; consider renting a storage unit in St. Albert for these items.


Do you have a space that you don't know how to utilize?  Repurpose it to show potential buyers it's a functional space.  Add a small table and lamp to the stairwell nook that previously kept stacks of outdated magazines and the broom, and voila!  It's now a reading nook.  Turn a cold corner of the basement into a yoga studio with rubber-backed carpeting, draped fabric on the walls and a mat rolled out and ready for a downward dog or two.  Turn a short wall into a chalkboard family message center, or display a hanging planter to bring life and texture to a bare nook. 


Add some finishing touches inside.  People love to see fresh flowers in vases, a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter, and folded towels in the bathroom.  If you're living in your home while selling, you can keep your nice extras in a closet so they are ready to go quickly when your real estate agent calls to say a buyer in on the way.

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