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Organizing a Small Space

Organized Closet with door organizer

Often when we are looking to fit all our stuff into a small space we are overwhelmed.  Organization is the key to success in living comfortably in small rooms.  Some tips for making the most of your space are:


Organizing your kitchen effectively will reduce time in looking for that item you know you have.  Use shelf savers and wire racks to optimize the space in dishware cupboards.  Vertical racks for plates, cutting boards and baking pans can save significant space.  Also placing lazy susans, with a second level, in the corners of your cupboard shelves can give you easy access to multiple items.

Using magnetic boards for knives and spice racks on your back splash can free up cupboard and counter space.  Explore ideas for hanging utensils, etc. from rods across your backsplash.  DIY blogs have some inventive solutions.  Peg board also has multiple uses for utilizing wall space practically and decoratively.

Organize storage under your sink in stackable plastic or wire mesh bins.


If you need more space than towel racks provide, placing a hanging hook rack on the back of the bathroom door gives you room to hang towels, robes or a canvas or plastic shoe rack to hold your bottles and whatnots.

A shelving rack over the toilet gives extra storage space as well.  Using decorative containers on the shelves will organize your stuff and pretty up the room.

Tiered storage shelves on the counter allows access to everyday used items while keeping clutter under control.

Organize storage under you sink in stackable plastic or wire mesh bins.


In your bedroom closet, hanging canvas or plastic shelving can be used as a substitute for a dresser.  Shoe racks can optimize floor space as well.

Once again, using an over the door rack on the back of the door can provide extra storage space.

Don't forget about all the space under your bed.  There are storage bins and rolling furniture available to store bed linens, seasonal items, shoes and more.


Many furniture manufacturers are now carrying scaled down and folding furniture for small spaces.  Select furniture with built-in storage: sofas, footstools and coffee tables are some examples.

Wall shelves above furniture, behind doors or under stairs create surfaces for books, knickknacks, bins and baskets for a range of items.

There are many variations of murphy style beds available from standard cabinetry styles to those which descend from the ceiling over your sofa.  Explore your options.

If you have taken all the steps you can afford to take in organizing your space and there is still stuff that you must keep, Storage St. Albert may be your answer.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage we have both unheated and climate controlled indoor storage lockers, we have a space to store your items both large and small.  Rent a storage unit online or give one of our storage rental experts a call at 780-651-8056.

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