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How To Create More Storage Space In Your Home

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Storage space in our homes is at a premium and a lack of it is a common problem for most. There's often much more storage space in your home than you think. It’s important to take a good look around your home and learn how to work with the space you already have. You can manipulate your existing furniture, build some storage pieces or find some handy home accessories.  Regardless of the size of your home, it’s easy to create extra storage space with these tips.


The first step in creating more storage space in your home is to declutter. Declutter your home, room-by-room and have boxes ready for items to donate or discard. Once you have decluttered your home, you can start creating new storage spaces.


Most people forget about the space above their heads and at their feet. This is valuable storage space, especially for items that are rarely used or seasonal items. Clear storage containers are perfect as they stack well, and you can see into them so finding items is quicker and easier.

Make sure not to store anything too heavy above your head. Large, heavy storage containers are very difficult to maneuver over your head and if they come crashing down on you, you could get hurt.
As for the space near the floor, shallow storage containers can easily slide under furniture, out of sight, and keep your belongings clean and accessible.


When you’ve decided on the areas where you would like to add extra storage, make sure to measure carefully. When buying storage bins, shelving or racks, you want to be sure you are getting ones that will fit your space. Also, try to buy storage solutions that fit together as they will stack more easily.


The space behind a door is often overlooked and can be a great place to store smaller items out of the way. A set of shallow shelves can be mounted to the wall behind the door for smaller or more narrow items. This is an inexpensive storage solution and is space you will never miss.

Another shelving solution is to build shelves into the walls between the studs. This option is a little more work, but when it’s done, it has a very finished look and becomes a nice feature of the home.

Installing hooks on the back of your doors is another great solution. There are even hooks that hang from the top of the door so no drilling is required. They are great for clothing, jackets, purses, bags and anything else that can be hung up neatly.


Skinny and narrow spaces that hide throughout your home can be a great place to create out of the way storage. In a kitchen, there is typically a few inches between the fridge and the wall that you can make useful. You can purchase, or make, a roll out pantry to store spices and other small items throughout your kitchen. They easily roll out when needed then tuck away when you’re done.

Locating a place to hang shelves can sometimes be difficult as the space they take up can be difficult to get by. A great solution is to create recessed shelves into the wall itself. They will be a great added feature to your home and give you plenty of extra storage and display shelves.


If you have suitcases stored around your home, you can use them to create additional storage space in your home. They are great for storing things such as seasonal clothing. When storing your clothing into a suitcase, make sure to roll them up instead of folding them. This will allow them to breathe easier and there will be less creasing when you go to use them again.


Typically, the shelf in most closets have quite a bit of unused space up to the ceiling. Putting in another shelf would double the storage space. It is more difficult to reach, but this space would be perfect for storing seasonal or seldom used items.

If the closet rod in your closet is set quite high, you could add another one underneath to transform your closet into having two hanging rods. Wire closet organizers are also a great way to double the space in any closet. They are easy to install, inexpensive and can be put in many different configurations to suit your personal needs.

Most people overlook the bed as a storage option. Beds can be bought with drawers built in underneath or, there are many storage totes that are perfect for storing under your bed. Store all of your seasonal clothing, shoes, bedding, etc. They will keep everything clean and dust free until you need them again. If you are worried about being able to see them, get a dust ruffle to hide the bins from view.


Sometimes off-site storage is your best bet. If you have recently downsized, are in between moves, or are in charge of an estate, a self storage unit can be a great resource. They are clean and secure and will be there whenever you need to access your belongings.

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