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Declutter & Organize This Winter

Declutter & Organize This Winter

It's the middle of January, you've put away the Christmas decorations and are settling into the winter blahs.  To get you up and moving, here are a few small projects you can do in your home that take little time and energy and give you the feeling of accomplishment.

To be successful with your decluttering project have a plan and set aside as little as 15 minutes a day.  When you are creating your schedule, you don't need to limit yourself to one room.  It's whatever works for you.  If you wish to tackle your kitchen on Mondays, your bathrooms on Tuesday and your closets on Wednesdays, schedule them that way.  

Setup a permanent location for a donation box or bag.  Also, have a trash bin readily available for your discarded items.


Decluttering the kitchen is a great winter project.  You don't have to declutter the entire kitchen in a day, start with a drawer, a shelf in your pantry, a shelf in your fridge.  Even just go through a particular item a day, like bakeware, coffee cups or water bottles.  Pick a day to just do under the sink.

When going through your fridge, freezer or cupboards, check for expiry dates on food and condiments.   Set up specific shelves for spices and baking products.  Anything that you don't use regularly, decide if you should keep or toss each item.  Canned goods that you no longer plan to use, that have not expired, can be donated to your local food bank.  Labelling items in your freezer with "use before dates" will help with your future decluttering.

Once you have decluttered and organized your drawers and shelves, take a look at your counter space and kitchen table with decluttering in mind.  Don't forget the top and outside of your fridge for clutter (i.e.: magnets).  Look at what you use on a regular basis and should be kept out; put away frequently used items to free up space.

Organizing your cookbooks and recipes may take more than just one day.  Donate any cookbooks that you no longer use.  Storing seasonal recipes on a thumb drive may save you time and space.

Pick a day a week or every two weeks or so to deliver your donation items.  If you have items you wish to keep and aren't able to find them a home in your house,  storage units for rent in St Albert are a great option until you have space.


Go through your medicine cabinet and toss any expired medication, cosmetics, skin care products or first aid items.  Next go through what you use and don't use, get rid of anything you no longer use.

Look at counter clutter, put away and store anything that doesn't need to be out.  Keep your decorative items to a minimum as counterspace is limited in the bathroom.


Winter is also a great time to go thru all of your closets to purge and reorganize.  

Sort your clothes and coat closets into four piles: keep, try on, donate or store.  Consider donating or giving away any clothing or coats you no longer want or no longer fit.

If you have run out of space in your closet and need more space, a storage rental can help.  If you decide to put some of your clothes into storage, protect them by storing them properly.

Look for worn towels and discard, donate any bedding you no longer use.

Have fun with your decluttering project and enjoy the process.  You will mentally and physically feel better!

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