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Articles in Category: Organization

Organizing a Small Space

Organized Closet with door organizer

Often when we are looking to fit all our stuff into a small space we are overwhelmed.  Organization is the key to success in living comfortably in small rooms.  Some tips for making the most of your space are:

How to Declutter for the Holidays

Christmas Tree and moving boxes

At this time of year we are often anxious to start decorating our home for the holidays and we are sometimes faced with a lack of space.  Regular everyday items are replaced by seasonal pieces.   It's the perfect opportunity to go through these items you are removing to see whether you wish to keep, sell, donate or recycle them.

Organize Your Garage with Self Storage

Garage with shelving & wall mounted items

Garages quickly become the dumping grounds for just about everything and tend to get put to the bottom of the priority list.  Because they are big open spaces, they're easy targets for anything that doesn't have a set place.  

Stage A House That Sells - DIY Style

Living Room with tan couch and lots of windows.

Staging your home is a method of highlighting your home's best features to ensure it appeals to as wide an audience as possible.  If you need to declutter to better stage your home, consider using Storage in St Albert to help with this task.