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Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Winter Moving - Slip & Fall Tips

Shoes with Grip walking on Ice

At this time of year, when temperatures are still hovering around freezing, we need to be vigilant regarding potential slips and falls.  A fresh snow fall after a day of above freezing temperatures can obscure underlying icy patches. 

When you're moving households or into a storage unit, check your footing before exiting your vehicle and stepping outside.  You may not always be able to see exactly where you are placing your feet when carrying or moving boxes.  Move slowly and wear good footwear, non slip footwear is an advantage but not always fool proof.

When walking through parking lots and on sidewalks that may be icy it's recommended to walk like a penguin.  It really works!  Alberta Health Services describes how to walk like a penguin as follows:

  • Bend slightly and walk flat footed
  • Point your feet out slightly like a penguin
  • Keep your centre of gravity over your feet as much as possible
  • Watch where you are stepping
  • Take shorter, shuffle like steps
  • Keep your arms at your sides (not in your pockets)
  • Concentrate on keeping your balance
  • Go S-L-O-W-L-Y

Use handrails where ever they are available; especially when walking on sloped surfaces or on stairs.  Avoid obvious slippery surfaces when possible.

Recovery from a slip and fall can negatively impact your ability to work and your winter fun activities.

Take your time and stay healthy.

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