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Ways Clutter Affects Your Health

Ways Clutter Affects Your Health

It's difficult to focus on important tasks when several things are competing for your attention.  Researchers have found that being around disorganization makes it harder for your brain to focus.  When you have too much stuff in your place, cleaning up can mean just moving clutter from one room to another with no real home for it.  This can lead to you feeling that your home environment is your enemy, not your refuge from the outside world.  St Albert Storage Spaces can provide a place for your stuff; don't let clutter get the best of you, rent a self storage unit at Riel Park RV & Self Storage.  

When we are living in a cluttered environment, we may have a tendency to shut people out, not inviting them over, which can take it's toll on relationships and have us feeling sad and lonely.

Living with lots of clutter puts you at risk for slips and falls.  Piles of clutter on floors and stairs can make it easy to trip.  Overloaded furniture can topple over and overstuffed shelves can have items fall off and create their own hazard.  If you have items that you don't need on a regular basis, consider renting a storage unit in St Albert to help reduce the clutter in your home.

Our brain is wired to keep track of only a few details at once for a short period of time, so it can get overloaded when there is too much stimuli, causing poor "working memory."

Clutter may lead to unhealthier eating.  An Australian-U.S. study conducted by Lenny Vartarian et al. (2017), showed that people eat more cookies and snacks if in a chaotic environment.

Decluttering has it's advantages, not just as a housekeeping tool, but as an essential process for maintaining your happiness in your home environment.  At the same time, cutting through the clutter can benefit your physical health and cognitive abilities.

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