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Thanksgiving With Self Storage

Thanksgiving With Self Storage

The colours are changing and some leaves are starting to fall, two sure signs that Thanksgiving is coming. If you’re preparing to host family or friends, looking at preparing a big feast, or just getting your space ready for a change in the season there can be a lot to do! Here’s how self storage can be your secret weapon this fall and help you to have an easy as pie Thanksgiving!

Tidying and Decorating Your Home

When you’re expecting guests you’ll want your home to look it’s best. If you’re a little bit stuck with where to start we have some great tips on how to tidy and declutter your home. Having a fresh and tidy home is the best way to feel relaxed when you’re starting to get ready for guests arriving.

Creating thanksgiving decorations is a fun way to get into the spirit of the break, and a lovely way to make your home welcoming for guests. The ideal decor matches the season, think; fall colours, earthy tones, falling leaves, and fresh produce. You can use these themes to create some seasonal wreaths, to decorate your home and table for Thanksgiving.

Preparing That Special Thanksgiving Meal

Cooking a big meal for a lot of people can present a few difficulties! If you’ve got to prepare food for many more people than usual, you might need some extra plates, pots, pans and serving dishes. You might even need some more tables and chairs for your guests!

One way to accommodate the extra guests is to ask them to bring some things along, whether it’s a few plates or a spare seat or two! If you’re a more regular host it could be a good idea to invest in some spare utensils, cookware, and seating for when you are expecting guests. Folding tables and chairs are a great and simple solution for this, and you can make them look elegant with tablecloths, centrepieces and thoughtful decor. Once you are done with your temporary furnishings and decor you can pack it down and put it in storage ready for the next big event.

Hosting Family and Friends

Many big events like Thanksgiving come with guests. It could just be one or two, or you could be finding space for more friends and family than you expected! It’s always difficult to find space for more people than you expected, if you’ve already filled your spare room this creates a challenge; where to put them all.

If you’re struggling to figure out how to host overnight guests, there are some simple tips you can follow for how to create a cozy space for guests staying over:

  • Give them something comfortable to sleep on! It’s tough if you’re out of guest room space, but relegating your guests to a couch that doesn't pull out, or some cushions on the floor isn’t ideal. An air mattress can be really helpful for creating a comfy spot to sleep for one night. You can make it up like a proper bed and your guests won’t feel like they have been squeezed in wherever they can fit.
  • Create a little area for them. By just blocking off a space in the room they are sleeping in using screens, curtains, or slightly moving furniture, your guests will feel more comfortable and have an easier spot to sleep in!

After the big day with your guests on the way home, full of good food and a comfortable night's sleep, you’ll be wanting to pack away and get your home back to normal. Packing down an air mattress, folding tables and chairs, seasonal decor and spare cookware can be done quickly and stored easily. A great option for seasonal items like this is to keep them in storage. You can safely keep them until you need them again.

If you’d like to ask about storing special seasonal items give one of our storage rental experts a call at 780-651-8056 for more information and help with your storage questions, or reserve a unit online today.

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