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Storage Tips to Get Ready for Winter

BBQ and patio furniture covered in snow

Winter is inevitable and we all know to prepare for it. Not only do you need to prepare yourself, but you also need to prepare your belongings. Without the proper preparation and storage of your belongings, the cold temperatures could be damaging.

Some items may require special care before putting them away for the winter, such as BBQ’s and lawnmowers.

Make sure to start preparing your items for winter early so you don’t run out of time before the cold weather hits.


First, make sure to go through all of the items you’d like to store and decide whether they are worth keeping. If anything is broken or too far gone to save, throw it away. If you come across anything that is still in decent shape, decide whether it is worth keeping. If not, consider selling or donating it.

Clean Everything Before Putting Into Storage

Before ever putting anything into storage, always make sure it is clean and dry first. Storing dirty items can attract pests or damage the items over time. This will also make it easier when taking your items out of storage as they will already be clean and ready to go.

Use Blankets Or Furniture Covers

Whether you are storing your items outside or indoors, make sure to add protection by covering them with furniture covers or blankets. These will keep dust and dirt off of your items and protect them from dents, dings and tears.

Lawnmowers and Tools

Now that it is time to switch out your summer tools for your winter ones, you’ll want to prepare them properly, so they are in working order for next year.

When getting your lawn mower ready for storage, drain all of the gas. Gas that is left in the tank can break down and could potentially do damage to your lawnmower. Do an oil change and clean off any debris that may still be sitting on your lawnmower.

All of your gardening tools, like shovels and rakes, should also be given a thorough cleaning.

BBQ’s and Grills

Clean the grills thoroughly and make sure all the grease and residue is removed. To be extra safe, you can even put the grills through your dishwasher to make sure they are as clean as possible. You don’t want anything left on them as they can attract pests and possibly corrode the metal.

If you are storing you BBQ outdoors, cover it with a weatherproof cover and you can leave the propane tank on, but make sure the valve is closed.

If you are storing your BBQ in a self storage unit, you will have to disconnect the propane tank and store it elsewhere. These and other items are not allowed in storage units due to their flammability.

Storing Patio Furniture

Give everything a good cleaning, including any canvas pillows or cushions. Once everything is clean and completely dry, cover it up with a weatherproof cover if being stored outside and just a regular blanket if being stored inside to keep any dust off the furniture and ready to use in the spring.

Storing Bikes

Clean your bike thoroughly and fill the tires with air. Hanging your bike from a wall or the ceiling is best for storing long-term. This will keep the weight from the frame from pushing down on the tires and causing damage.

Get a Self Storage Unit

A self storage unit is a great option to get all of your summer tools out of the way to make room for your winter tools, such as shovels, salt, and snow blowers.

You will still have convenient access to all of your belongings and storage facilities have great security so you can rest assured that your items are safe and secure.

Climate-Controlled Storage

You may have some items that are more sensitive to temperature change, like wicker furniture and batteries. Consider a climate-controlled storage unit for these items. If you plan on visiting your unit regularly, these are a great option as, no matter what the weather is like outside, you will be warm and comfortable while visiting your unit.

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