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How To Store Furniture Properly

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There can be many reasons for needing to store furniture.  Maybe you are moving and the timing of when you need to move out of your old home and into your new one don't line up.  Maybe you are looking to remove excess clutter from your home but aren't quite ready to get rid of some of the furniture for good.  Whatever the reason, you will want to protect your furniture and ensure that it remains in good condition.

Here are some tips on how to store your furniture the right way.

Clean Everything Before You Put Into Storage

One of the best ways to keep your items in great condition while in storage is by never putting dirty items inside your self storage unit.  If you place items inside that have not been cleaned, an odor could develop that is not only apparent the next time you pick up your things, but it can affect nearby units.  The cleaner your items are will cut down the chances of mold or any unsightly odors from developing.

For plastic furniture, use a soap and water.

If you are storing wooden furniture, first use a soap and water.  Once dry, use a wood cleaner to protect and seal the finish to ensure that it stays in good condition.

Polish any metal parts of furniture with a metal cleaner to make sure you get them clean and to avoid them from tarnishing while they are in storage.

Wipe down all glass surfaces with Windex and use leather wipes on leather furniture to condition and seal the leather.

Your fabric furniture are the pieces most likely to create mold or mildew.  Vacuum your furniture then wipe the surface with an antibacterial cleaner that is safe for fabrics to get rid of any stains or smells then thoroughly vacuum again.  It only takes a few crumbs to attract rodents to your unit.

Make sure everything is completely dry before you start packing it up or putting it in your storage unit.

Take Your Furniture Apart

Before moving furniture, take the time to disassemble as much as you can to reduce the possibility of damage.  This will also make your truck and self storage unit much easier to pack and give you more space.  Wrap items, such as table legs, together with shrink wrap.  This adds some protection and keeps them all together.  Put all screws, bolts, etc., into zipper bags and make sure to label which piece of furniture they go to.  These can either be taped to the piece of furniture they belong to or put in one box that is labelled to make reassembly quick and easy.

Wrap and Cover Your Furniture While In Storage

To keep your furniture free of dust, dirt and damage while storing, make sure to wrap and cover it properly.  This also gives an extra layer of protection from insects and rodents.

Wrap wood furniture with plastic wrap or shrink wrap using tape to secure it into place.  Never apply the tape directly to your furniture.  Apply the tape to the plastic wrap or shrink wrap only.  Make sure to not completely seal the items.  Give them some room to breathe so condensation does not become trapped beneath the plastic and lead to mold or mildew.  Moving blankets are also great as they breathe no matter how tightly packed and they add a little bit more cushion.

Bubble wrap is great for metal furniture and for cushioning glass furniture, like mirrors and glass tables.

Prep Your Self Storage Unit

The first thing you should do when you get to your storage unit is to put a layer of plastic sheeting or tarp on the ground.  This will prevent moisture from seeping into your furniture from the floor.

Another great option is to use pallets to elevate your items off the floor.  These add an extra layer of protection and create more air flow through the storage unit and your furniture.

Don't Overpack Your Storage Unit

When packing your self storage unit, try not to overpack it.  By shoving all of your items inside without taking the time to place them inside properly, something can easily become damaged.  If you don't pay attention and try to cram in more and more things, you risk knocking things over, bending pieces and causing other damage.  Leave some distance between fragile objects and avoid stacking or leaning them together.  Leaving some distance between your pieces also allows for the free flow of air.

Climate Controlled Storage Units

If you will be needing to store your furniture for a long period of time, climate controlled storage units should be considered. 

Climate controlled units are the best type of unit to store things like instruments, antiques, and family heirlooms.  Choosing these types of units will ensure your valuable pieces stay safe from the possibility of moisture build up and changing temperatures.

Fluctuations in temperatures can cause your furniture to warp, crack or dry out and high humidity levels can create mold on  your items.

Climate Controlled storage spaces prevent your furniture from deteriorating and will greatly benefit the lifespan of your furniture.

Another added benefit of using a climate controlled unit is that when you visit your storage unit, you will be comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside.

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