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How Self Storage Helps Seniors After Retirement

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When you, or a family member, are moving into a retirement residence, long-term care facility, assisted living, downsizing to a smaller home or travelling for an extended period of time, decisions need to be made regarding your stuff.  Some questions that must be answered are:

  1. What do I want to take with me?
  2. What can I pass on to family & friends?
  3. What can I donate or sell?


Take it slow.  Start the sorting process early; do a little bit every day.  Go through your home and list what you "must" take with you, room by room.  Review your list:  Is there enough space in your new location to handle the items on your list so it feels like home without being cluttered or overcrowded?

Revise your list to include your most precious stuff and don't include things you feel you "should" keep.  Consider renting a self storage unit if you have items you want to keep and have no room.  A self storage unit provides you with the extra space you need to keep your valuable items.


To make the job easier, have a friend join you in your sorting.  They will keep you on track so you are not side-lined.  Enjoy the memories and stories that arise from going through your items.  Take pictures of the stuff you won't be taking with you to keep the memories alive.


Be aware that your children and grandchildren may not be interested in some of your favorite things. Take the time to have them involved; you may find that they have memories and attachments to stuff you may not value as they do.  They may not want your china and crystal but may want that throw or decorative pillow they have always used at your home.

Sort through your pictures and memorabilia.  There may be items that you want to pass on to specific people now.


Create a small "maybe" pile that you wish to go through at a later date.  This could include furniture that you would like to include but are not sure how useful it would be in your new home. 

If you have items that may or may not fit in your new environment, consider renting a self storage unit.  This will allow you some time to decide whether or not these items will be needed.  A self storage is also perfect for the sentimental items you just can't live without.


Take time for the move.  Don't attempt to do it all in one day.  A gradual move over a number of days or weekends reduces the emotional and physical stress. 

Empty the boxes as you go; find homes for everything in your new place so boxes of stuff are not cluttering up the space.  Enjoy setting up and getting comfortable in your new home.

The process for downsizing and moving can be very stressful for anyone, however, more so for seniors.  If you are overwhelmed or need help, consider hiring a professional to help you downsize or move.

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