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Downsizing From A House To A Condo Using Self Storage

Three Storey Condo

Moving can be a stressful time for many people.  This is especially true if you are downsizing into a smaller home.  This creates a new set of challenges as you won't be able to take everything you currently have with you.  You're going to need to make some decisions about what you can and cannot take.

Although downsizing can get emotional, there are many benefits including less household maintenance, freedom to travel and reduced expenses.  Downsizing can also be the perfect opportunity to go through your things and decide what's important and worth keeping.


Packing can be a slow and overwhelming process.  If you start early and dedicate a few hours every week to packing, you'll be organized and ready to go just in time for the move.

Start by packing things you don't use on a regular basis, such as photo albums, paperwork, seasonal clothing, etc.  Anything that you don't see yourself using in the next couple months can get packed.

Riel Park RV & Self Storage has everything you need to get started; such as, moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and even wardrobe boxes.


You may come across some items you never use but they hold sentimental value.  Go through every inch of your home and collect everything that holds sentimental value.  You won't want these items cluttering up your new home, but you also don't want to throw them away.   That's when a self storage unit can help.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage, we have climate-controlled units that are perfect for your valuable and sentimental items.


If you come across an item that doesn't possess any sentimental value and hasn't been used in quite a while, this is the perfect time to get rid of it.  This will make downsizing a much easier process.  

Go through your garage and storage shed first.  There will probably be plenty of items in there that you will no longer need, such as snow blowers and lawn maintenance equipment.

If you're having trouble on deciding whether or not to keep certain items, put your belongings in a storage unit.  This will allow you to move into your new place and evaluate them.

For the items you no longer need, but are in good condition, there are charities such as Salvation Army and Goodwill that have drop-off locations for your gently used items.


As you get ready to move into your smaller space, you will need to assess the amount of space your new home has.  If you are not able to visualize your new space, do your best to sketch out a floorplan of your new place.  Try to take as many measurements as possible of the new place; remembering to include the location of windows and doors.  Now you can mark where your furniture will fit in your new home.

Getting this done in advance will give you a better idea of how much space you will have.  Then you can start to determine what items you will not have space for.  This will also give you an idea as to how large of a self storage unit you will need.  You don't want to spend the money and time moving things into your new home that just won't fit.


The limited amount of space that comes with downsizing into a smaller home means you most likely can't bring everything with you, that doesn't mean you have to get rid of certain items.  Self Storage is a great option to house seasonal items, items that you don't use regularly, sentimental items, etc.

Often you will need time to get settled into your new space to really get an understanding of what can stay or go.  As you are sorting through everything you've accumulated over time, you don't want to make quick decisions and regret throwing away items in the spur of the moment. 

Self storage is a great solution as you will be able to take time to sort through your belongings after you've made the move.  You can move in with more ease by keeping your new home clutter free while items that are questionable can be stored out of the way until you are ready to make a decision on them.

Take time to organize and setup your storage unit.  It is easy to just throw items in and not realize how quickly it fills up.  Self storage is not only convenient, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that your items are stored safe and sound.

When looking for St Albert Storage, give one of our storage rental experts a call at 780-651-8056 for all your storage needs.  Our storage facility has both indoor and outdoor storage solutions.


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