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Advantages of Students Using Self Storage

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Whether your college student is moving home between semesters or after graduation until they are settled in their own digs, your might be wondering what to do with all their stuff.  Instead of cluttering your home or garage, consider St Albert Self Storage.


Safe & Secure Storage

Self storage facilities are a secure place to keep your belongings.  Riel Park RV & Self Storage is fully fenced with individual gate code access.  Our facility is equipped with security cameras, well lit and has mobile security patrols.   You can take comfort in knowing your belongings are safe.  Our climate controlled storage units are ideal for protecting your sensitive items.

Temporary Accommodations

If you are moving in with a friend for the short term, renting a self-storage unit is ideal for storing your belongings until you find a permanent place to live.

Keep Parent's Happy

If you are moving back in with your parents chances are your old room has already been converted into an office, gym or spare bedroom.  There might not be much room for all of your stuff, instead of cluttering up their home or garage, consider renting a self storage unit.


Prepare your home as you would for any other guest arriving.

  • Create space in the bathroom they will be using for their everyday items.  If they will be the only person using this bathroom, remove anything they won't be using, such as your favourite shampoo or face cream.  Allocate them specific towels, etc. if they are not providing their own.
  • Go through the closet and dresser in their room and remove anything that is not specific to them.  It's a great time to declutter items that have been stored 'just in case'.
  • If you've been using the room for another purpose while they were away at school, remove any furniture, technology and stored items that wouldn't normally live in their bedroom.
  • Do a deep clean of the room and place fresh linens on the bed.  Make it welcoming while still giving the feeling that it's for a guest, not a permanent resident.
  • As they have probably developed their own food preferences while away, allocate them a shelf in your pantry for their stuff and possibly a shelf drawer in your fridge.

When your student arrives, don't just send them to their room, ask them if you can help with their unpacking and if the two of you can do some decluttering at the same time.  If they have stuff that they don't wish to unpack and just want to store until they move again, renting their own self storage unit may be a viable storage solution.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage, we have climate controlled indoor storage units or easy access outside unheated drive-up units.  All our units can be rented on a short-term basis with no long-term contract.  They can visit the unit at anytime they wish, between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM 7 days a week, to go through their stuff and determine what to keep and what to give away, donate or sell.

Just remember your college student has gained some independence since leaving home and a conversation around expectations and house rules needs to be had when they arrive.  Keep the communication lines open and enjoy the time they are spending with you.

Riel Park RV & Self Storage is a quick trip from Edmonton (via the Anthony Henday, Yellowhead Trail or St. Albert Trail) and minutes from downtown St. Albert, Riel Park RV & Self Storage offers a fantastic opportunity for convenience, security, and unbeatable pricing.

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