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5 Decluttering & Organizing Projects To Do This Winter

Organized Closet with folded clothes on shelves

Spring is usually known as the season for deep cleaning, but winter is the perfect time to tackle some of those organization projects.

Most people are stuck indoors more often due to the cold weather.  This should be viewed as an opportunity to declutter your home, making it a more relaxing and stress-free environment.

Here are five decluttering and organization projects to do this winter:

1)  Organize Your Pantry and Fridge

You might be surprised at how many expired or unused food items hide in the back of your refrigerator or pantry.  Go through everything and toss anything that has expired. Any non-perishable food items that you probably won’t eat, can be donated to your local food pantry.

Group your food items into categories that make sense for you. Whether it be by meals or types of food. Always make sure the labels face forward to be easily identified.

2) Declutter Your Wardrobe | Renting A St. Albert Storage Unit Can Help

Go through your wardrobe closet by closet, especially your winter items, as these are bigger and take up more room.

Start by getting rid of anything that you haven’t worn for a few seasons. If it’s worn out, it no longer serves its purpose and you probably won’t wear it anyway. Keep in mind that anything that is still in good condition can be donated to people that really need it.

Consider renting a self storage unit to house all of your seasonal clothing. This will allow you to free up some much-needed space in your closets and know that your seasonal items are clean, secure and easily accessible.  You can also store other seasonal items in your self storage unit to give you more space in your garage and home.

3)  Organize Your Storage Room

Even if you don’t have an actual storage room, most people have some place in their home that is designated for storing cleaning materials and supplies, like extra batteries or light bulbs.

Decluttering and organizing this area can make it much easier to find these items when needed and prevent you from buying duplicates.

Get items, such as brooms and mops, off of the floor by hanging them on the wall and purchase yourself some clear bins to house all of your miscellaneous items to make them easier to find.

A self storage unit is a great way to declutter your storage room by housing all of your seasonal and less used items.

4)  Organize Your Linen Closets

Whether its towels for your kitchen or bathroom, these tend to be one of the easiest items to pile up. Typically, when new ones are bought, the older, raggedy ones end up being saved as cleaning towels. Keep in mind that you only need a few, not a whole closet full.

Don’t forget to go through your bedding as well. There really isn’t any need to have more than two sets per bed.

5)  Declutter Your Paper and Mail

From receipts and bills to magazines, these items can show up everywhere throughout the house.

First, go from room to room and gather up all the papers you have lying around and bring them to one spot. Go through them and keep only the most important ones that are still needed. For all other documents and records, such as, tax papers, put them in a labeled storage box and store them away.

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