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Stage A House That Sells - DIY Style

Living Room with tan couch and lots of windows.

Staging your home is a method of highlighting your home's best features to ensure it appeals to as wide an audience as possible.  If you need to declutter to better stage your home, consider using Storage in St Albert to help with this task.

How Self Storage Helps Seniors

Cartoon of two seniors packing

For seniors, parting with items they've collected over a lifetime can be an incredibly difficult task.  This forces them to make tough decisions about what items to part with while moving.  St Albert Storage can help seniors keep their belongings until they are ready to part with them.

Packing and Self Storage Tips to Help You Move

Labrador Dog beside some boxes

Planning ahead can help reduce the stress that comes with moving.  Be selective in deciding what to take with you and what to put into a self-storage unit in St. Albert.  To assist in making your move less stressful, check out these packing and storage tips.

Tips For Downsizing Your Home

One Big House, One Small House

Downsizing your home, whether by choice or necessity, can be a daunting task. The first thing to do is take a close inventory of your belongings.  Take a walk through your house or apartment and evaluate everything you come across.  

Say Goodbye to Cold Weather

Person holding a packed box

Spring is here, time to start thinking about spring cleaning! Renting a storage unit can help you kick start your spring cleaning and help with storing your winter sports gear that is filing your closets and piling up in your garage.

How To Prepare Your House For Sale Using Self Storage

House with Home For Sale Sign

Decluttering is a huge part of preparing your home for sale. People like to look at the quality of space. If they are thinking of buying, they will open cupboards and closets to see how much storage space there really is. Make sure all cupboards and closets are organized and clutter free.